How To Become A Leader Who Attracts Followers

Written on:December 13, 2012

Find out if you are the type of leader who draws followers, through a validation practice exercise.

A previous blog post – Use Validation in Your Leadership to Enhance Top Performancefocused on three types of leaders:

  1. Leaders who attract followers
  2. Leaders who do not attract followers
  3. All other leaders

What type of leader do you strive to be? Most aspire to attract followers, yet not everybody has reached that level. Let’s reflect on the meaning and benefits of being and/or becoming such a leader. Concisely, it simplifies the life of the leader, as well as his or her staff members, the performance of a team, and most importantly the bottom line of an organization.

Below is a fun exercise to increase your awareness of how you can influence your destiny. I hope you will take full advantage, as you can learn a great deal from this exercise. It may open your eyes, or you may learn something about yourself you did not know before.

Before you start with the exercise, ask yourself the following:

Do I really understand how I influence my boss, my peers, my staff, my clients, my family members, or even myself? Success lies in your hands.

Validate more and critique less: The power of validation will help you achieve your goals like a champion.

Explore your validation skills and apply them consistently.

Try out the following exercise:


Day 1

Count the times you validate (V) _____  and the times you critique (C) _____.

Analyze your scores.
Do you validate more than you critique? How satisfied are you with your findings? Get ready for the next step.


Day 2

Consciously validate more and observe the outcomes. More specifically, integrate at least one authentic encouragement during your next meeting and observe its impact.

This might be an effort for some and come natural to others. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally. You can learn it.



Validate over the next month or so and observe the results. Keep notes. If you don’t get the results, you may have missed something. If so, contact us at [email protected] and together we will figure out the missing link.

In addition, watch the video below about controlling your own level of success and the big impact you can make every day. The more you validate others the more you succeed.


Gain more in-depth information by reading Apple, Cake, and Skiing Wisdom: Optimism in the New Relationship Economy, 2012.


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