Winning strategies to earn a promotion

Written on:October 4, 2012

How a VP uses assessments and personal branding to provide winning strategies for career management and is promoted.



“David” a first-level vice president (VP) of a global bank desired a senior-level VP position. Although he was capable of such a position he was overlooked for a promotion. He’d consistently undersold himself to management, expressing his interest in more responsibilities, but higher level executives were not aware of his strengths, skills, and experiences. His boss, appreciative of David’s support, was not very interested in David’s promotion.

Just after being passed over for the senior-level VP position, another coaching client whom I’d helped in a similar situation, referred David to me to learn how to create a career advancement strategy, too.



David and I used proprietary assessment processes to quickly determine the root cause of his issues. The report increased his awareness of his strengths and illuminated areas he needed to improve for his next job. In addition, the results helped guide how he could better position himself and shed light on strengths to highlight in a new résumé.

We structured it in a functional format promoting his skill sets, rather than using a typical historical format highlighting his jobs. This cut his formerly five-page résumé to less than one and a half pages highlighting not only his strengths, but specifying his desired position and responsibilities.

In creating a branding strategy for him, we identified select senior-level executives and internal networking groups with which David should become involved.

We met regularly for three months to clarify, fine-tune, implement and practice his behaviors for success, including preparing him for these interviews with role playing. For example, we practiced job interview skills. Throughout this coaching process he was engaged and motivated to do his best.

Meeting with more senior people and key company players, he learned to share specific skills and experiences in a different way, and link them to organizational needs. He began to positively influence others and build stronger relationships.



Within four months, David happily accepted a promotion. The coaching increased his awareness of how to prepare better for difficult situations and to persistently pursue what he wanted to accomplish in his career.

I am grateful that, because of this coaching, David continues to actively recommend me to new clients.


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